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          Criminal defense is one of distinctive practices of Hiways. Our Criminal Defense Department is composed of dozens of senior lawyers who are proficient in criminal laws and regulations and skillful in the practices, and are all graduated from renowned domestic universities. Among whom, there are certain number of members having the long-term experience of engaging in criminal justice work in the public security bureau, procuratorate and court. Professional proficiency, open-mindedness, combination of criminal law and civil law, as well as diligence and dedication are the features consistently upheld by our Criminal Defense Department.

          We have rich practical experience and successful cases in dealing with all kinds of major, difficult and complex criminal cases, especially the cases in the area of commercial crime, financial crime and work-related crime, and have won high praise from the clients and peers. We have a professional criminal compliance team that has provided clients with fruitful work and accumulated rich experience in corporate legal risk check, compliance system establishment, and criminal risk disposition. We have a professional work team and rich practical experience in the fields of corporate anti-fraud investigation and overseas anti-corruption, and have provided high-quality legal services to our clients.

          Hiways has also set up a commercial crime research center and holds seminars on a regular basis to discuss about hot issues in legal theory and judicial practices, in order to facilitate the further integration of practice and theory, and lay a solid theoretical foundation for Criminal Defense Department.

          With its regional offices throughout the country and its nationwide network of cooperation, Hiways is able to provide high-quality and efficient criminal legal services to clients across the country.