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          • With nearly 10 years working experience in Japanese-invested companies, Ms. KIM has a deep understanding on the corporate culture of Japanese-invested companies; and problems existed in management. Ms. KIM is good at analyzing the situation of each company, finding out the root of problems, and providing specific solutions, based on which Ms. KIM leads her team to provide “CENTRALIZED CUSTOMER LEGAL SERVICE”.

            Ms. KIM has comprehensive expertise in IPR, anti-unfair competition, compliance.

            In the area of IPR, Ms. KIM has provided IPR legal counsel to several entities. In addition, she has served many clients for the litigation and non-litigation issues concerning Trade Secrets, Patent, Trademark and etc.. Ms. KIM has numerous practical experiences in formulating Trade Secrets management system and dealing with individual cases.

            In the area of anti-unfair-competition, the main services include dealing with cases, such as “Copycat Brand”, propagandizing false advertisement, and those cases which combine IPR infringement with unfair-competition. Ms. KIM is good at providing effective and specified solutions case by case. In the area of compliance, the main services include: (1) legal research on Chinese regulations and judicial rules concerning compliance issues, such as anti-commercial bribery, anti-monopoly, unfair competition and etc.; (2) diagnosing, formulating, and reviewing compliance management systems; and (3) dealing with individual cases.

            Despite the above services, Ms. KIM is the legal counsel for dozens of clients as different legal entities in different industries. The daily legal counsel services mainly include issues related to operation, employment and etc..


          • Chinese、Japanese


          • Master of Laws (Civil & Commercial Law), East China University of Political Science and Law

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